Patient Testimonials

Our list of patient testimonials is growing rapidly. If you would like to add your story to share with others please email your story to [email protected] or drop it by the office and we will feature it on our web site.

A Seasoned Professional

Was just thinking this morning about the care you and your team have always provided for me…You have been the knowledgeable expert, the seasoned professional, always taking the street-smart “Let’s Do It Right” approach.

M. Dorn

Shout it Out

I never thought I would sing the praises of any dentist since I feared them my entire life. However, Dr. Cohen is outstanding. I have had dental implants and minor surgery and the results were perfect. His manner is kind and caring and his care of his patients is fabulous. That includes his follow up with his patients to see that they are doing well. His staff is great and very helpful. A wonderful office.

C. Lasker

Passion for Perfection

What I am most impressed with is how professional you have been in terms of trying to save my tooth, how you have educated me in layman terms through each step of the process including providing literature of what is involved with the procedure, and how passionate you are in achieving perfection.

S. Kaplan

19 Years of Success

Any periodontal experiences I have had in the past 19 years have always been positive ones with Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen has always explained what dental procedure is needed and how it is done. Dr. Cohen always makes certain I am comfortable during treatment and he always takes time to answer any questions. Afterwards, I usually receive a telephone call from him just checking to make sure all is well. It is quite obvious that Dr. Cohen knows and loves what he is doing and this translates to good care for his patients. I have been recommending Dr. Cohen to anyone who has periodontal needs. In my opinion, Dr. Cohen is the best!

B. Soule